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registered with The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal.
  • Registered Auditors
  • Advocate
  • Investment Consultant
  • Public Procurement Management Expert
  • Engineering Consultant
  • Insurance

What We do

N. Krishna & Associates shall be providing the following services :


Accounting & Auditing

According to the legislation, a Chartered Accountant often examines the financial records of entities such Limited corporations, businesses, etc. He makes sure that the organizations create the financial statements in compliance with recognised legal requirements, regulations, and accounting principles.


Tax , Vat Government & Liaison

The most complex and dynamic difficulties are those related to taxes. Most of us are aware that recent developments in tax, regulatory, and legal matters have a significant influence on business operations. By effectively managing tax planning or implementing the organizational transformation in a tax-efficient way, our tax consulting services provide advice to clients on issues relating to the increased risk to the company due to the change in the tax environment.


Corporate and Company Law

The branch of law known as corporate law regulates the rights, interactions, and behavior of individuals, corporations, organizations, and businesses. The phrase refers to the theory of corporations or the legal practice of corporate law.


Engineering, Claims & Insurance

The largest building projects in the world, such as airports, high-speed rail connections, power plants, and manufacturing complexes, are all covered by the highly specialized class of insurance known as engineering insurance. These projects can last for many years, even decades, and are often quite expensive; the largest are in the tens of billions of dollars.


Public Procurement Management Expert Services

An organizational management theme is public procurement management. The primary objectives of this specialized activity are to establish the procurement section or unit, create the procurement plan, start the process, review the bidders’ supporting documentation, and award the contract to the lowest evaluated substantially responsive proposal.

Why Choose Us?

To truly benefit your company, with the appropriate blend of training, expertise, technologies, and methodology.


The lead audit partner must comply with all requirements set forth by the external regulator when an audit is carried out to satisfy those requirements. For instance, only a registered company auditor (RCA) can conduct your audit if it must meet certain criteria.

To ensure we are registered, you can check our details in the legal documents section of our website through the About Us menu.

Industry experience

Industrial Experience will allow them to translate their analysis into specific actions that your company can implement, allowing them to offer more pertinent value-added services. A more effective audit will be possible year after year if the audit staff working on your organization's audit remains consistent.

Our Firm has audit experience since 1997 of its PAN registration which is included in the legal documents page.

Use of technology

Large organizations' whole data sets can be digested by technology, which makes it easier to spot abnormalities and frees auditors to evaluate their findings, interpret the data, and concentrate on the business consequences.

This implies that you will get more proactive guidance and future-oriented suggestions for improving your company’s operations.

Quality assurance processes

Any auditor you choose should be able to provide evidence of how they maintain the quality of their professional services, including proof of adherence to all applicable legal requirements, auditing standards, and reporting best practices.

For instance, are there ongoing peer review processes? Do the audit partners and personnel regularly engage in internal and external professional development and technical training?

Reasonable fees

The cost is frequently a major deciding factor when selecting an auditor. However, ASIC has emphasized that it is crucial for company directors to make sure the audit fees are adequate and won't jeopardize the audit's quality.

I’ve seen instances where financial reports were purported to be audited, but either the auditor wasn’t a licensed auditor or the “audit report” that was given wasn’t the right report to satisfy regulatory requirements!

Indeed, Here You Do Get What You Pay For.

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