Choosing a Board Portal

A board portal is an online platform which improves governance practices, improves the efficiency and effectiveness of meetings and decreases time spent on administrative tasks such as making, sharing, and distributing documents. Businesses see a significant ROI from their investment by decreasing the amount of paper required, printing costs and also reducing time-consuming labour.

The modern board portal offers a secure and convenient alternative to the traditional methods of dissemination of documents. For instance corporate secretaries can design and distribute board-related documents at the touch of one button. This allows for immediate updates to be pushed out and ensures that directors have access to the most recent versions of documents and board materials.

A modern board management system can also be used on devices that directors own. This provides convenience and accessibility for directors who are on the move. Board members can log in and access the portal using many different devices including tablets, desktop computers and mobile phones. They can also take part in discussions and collaborate with fellow directors and the board administrator regardless of whether they are in the same room or across the world.

When choosing a board portal, it is critical to choose one that is easy for users and easy to understand. The more intuitive an application is it, the less training directors and administrators will require to be able to use it effectively. It is important to think about the technical skill levels of your board members and plan the training sessions to meet their needs.

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