How to Choose an Effective Online Meeting Platform

A reliable online meeting platform is essential to efficient collaboration between teams and remote communication. The right platform can bring people together to hold dynamic meetings which are productive, informative and assist in crushing goals. There are many options for online meeting tools for individual meetings or for all-hands events.

Compatibility with current technology and meeting analytics, group size and an easy and intuitive user interface are some of the most important factors to take into account. Ensure that the online meeting software you choose to use supports your preferred audio and video call protocols. Be sure to choose an online service that offers secure storage and hosting. Make sure to look for a digital board, mind mapping tools and Kanban boards. Also, be sure to verify that the software has file uploading and downloading functions and a chat feature and a Kanban board.

The best online meeting software will allow you to add a moderator into the meeting to manage the proceedings. This keeps the discussion on track and avoids the possibility of tangents. Additionally, a great online meeting software should allow you the ability to remove participants from the session to avoid disruptions and ensure that the meeting is according to plan.

Mentimeter lets you enrich your presentations by adding interactive elements and polling. It’s simple to use, is compatible with video conferencing tools and has a free plan for 50 people per month.

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