How to Keep Data Secure

Data theft is a major issue for organizations. Stolen data can be used to commit identity fraud, corporate espionage, government espionage, and even ransomware.

With big-name companies such as Uber and Tik Tok suffering from massive data breaches, the importance of keeping consumer information secure is at an all-time high. In a time when consumers expect to enter their personal details when they sign up for an account, purchasing products online, or filling out tax forms, companies must ensure that the information they receive is protected against cybercriminals.

A business can make variety of changes to keep its data secure, ranging from encryption of all its data to establishing an incident response plan. These strategies can be implemented across all aspects of a company, and the benefits protect business data can include a lower chance of data theft and enhanced efficiency of business operations.

1. Establish and enforce strict security standards.

Every employee should be aware of the importance of being able to protect company data. This includes establishing strong password policies and ensuring that you update all software to the latest version. Many attacks involving hacking are based on outdated systems, so regular updates to your software is a great way to avoid the exploit of these vulnerabilities.

2. Secure your data both in use and in rest.

The use of encryption is a powerful tool in the fight against data breaches. Every business should have policies that require encryption of all data, both in transit and at rest. This can be done by encrypting all data stored on the network or by using encrypted tunnels such as VPNs.

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